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Important ‘’deep dive’’ research can be offered by The Buildings Hub team in areas such as Overheating in Buildings, Ventilation strategies and areas of the energy Performance Gap. This includes providing expertise to key partners including Government Framework Contractors and individual companies who require support skills to provide knowledge and understanding in these research areas.

and Dissemination

The Construction and Building sectors face significant challenges in designing, procuring and constructing buildings in the context of ongoing changes to Government regulations and policies. This coupled with outdated training mechanisms and a fragmented training sector means that certain areas of knowledge are lacking. The Buildings Hub can help companies fill this gap by providing presentations and assistance with conference and event content, or producing more substantial guidance documentation or specific training materials. This includes such topic areas such as Building Regulations, Low Energy Buildings and Quality control.

Economic impact
and technical assessments

The correct commercial understanding of the costs involved in designing, procuring and constructing a development or a single building are fundamental to achieving a successful project. The Buildings Hub have unique skills in identifying and simplifying these aspects for both the Designer to choose the right solution but also for the Procurement team to avoid loss of design performance at the completion of the building project. The Hub team also have distinct skills to assist with the technical assessments associated with the design and construction phases of a development or masterplan.

UK and EU policy and
regulatory environment advice

The challenges created by ‘BREXIT’ within the construction industry are still being understood… It seems certain we will continue to ‘shadow’ European policies in order to trade with Europe in areas such as energy and carbon reduction, building product certification and health and safety requirements. Therefore information on UK and EU Policies and Regulatory advice related to the Construction sector are highly relevant. The Buildings Hub team provides support to Designers, Construction companies and Developers to assist them in key areas of understanding.