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Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality

Without well thought-out ventilation strategies and properly functioning systems, indoor air quality in dwellings will be compromised, potentially leading to health issues for the occupants and/or damage to the building fabric through condensation and mould. A growing body of research suggests that problems introduced at each stage of the construction process, including the handover process to occupants and maintenance regimes, are creating a ‘gap’ in the actual performance of ventilation systems compared to the design intent or regulatory requirements. It is therefore important that this issue is tackled and The Buildings Hub is seeking to help make this happen.

  • Designer's Handbook
    December 2016
    This handbook sets out the key design requirements for delivering comfortable, healthy, low energy homes that perform as intended.
  • Services Guide
    March 2016
    This offers good practice guidance aimed at improving the standard of building services in new homes. Focused on the major problems around design and installation of services that affect comfort, indoor air quality and energy performance.
  • Ventilation in New Homes
    March 2016
    The findings from an investigation into how effectively mechanical ventilation systems are designed, installed, commissioned and handed over to occupants. Includes recommendations for improved practice.