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Performance Gap

The difference between the designed and as-built energy performance of new homes is called the Performance Gap. The Performance Gap can arise in a multitude of ways within the overall house-building process and its existence represents a number of risks to industry, government and consumers. It is therefore important that the Performance Gap is closed. At the Zero Carbon Hub we undertook a seminal piece of collaborative work to investigate the extent and causes of the Performance Gap and The Buildings Hub now continues to provide guidance and advice on the issue.

  • Designer's Handbook
    December 2016
    This handbook sets out the key design requirements for delivering comfortable, healthy, low energy homes that perform as intended.
  • Builders Book
    July 2016
    This is a good craftsmanship guide that highlights key construction details when building a new home, and good practice for delivering them.
  • Cost Efficiency Guide
    July 2016
    This guide will help SME builders and developers cost effectively design and build highly efficient homes that meet or exceed minimum standards and deliver real savings in practice for occupants.
  • Services Guide
    March 2016
    This offers good practice guidance aimed at improving the standard of building services in new homes. Focused on the major problems around design and installation of services that affect comfort, indoor air quality and energy performance.
  • Ventilation in New Homes
    March 2016
    The findings from an investigation into how effectively mechanical ventilation systems are designed, installed, commissioned and handed over to occupants. Includes recommendations for improved practice.
  • SAP Untangled
    March 2016
    This provides a basic introduction to the SAP assessment process and the information required by the assessor and Building Control in order to achieve compliance with certain aspects of Building Regulations Part L1A 2013 (England).
  • Thermal Bridging Guide
    February 2016
    This is an introductory guide to thermal bridging in homes. It demonstrates key construction details in new build housing and gives examples of ways to reduce heat loss through the design of construction details.
  • Performance Gap - End of Term Report
    July 2014
    This report provides potential solutions to the priority issues identified in the Evidence Review Report and gives a set of recommendations for industry and government to help close the Performance Gap in new homes.
  • Performance Gap - Evidence Review Report
    March 2014
    This report sets out the evidence that a gap exists in the designed and as-built energy performance of new homes, and identifies priority issues to address.